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Proposal into the USAID

Chủ nhật - 06/11/2016 20:34

This Innovation about DC Supply Ballast for Ultra-Saving Energy for the lamps of Fluorescent, Compact and HID Lamps
Submitted in October, 31th, 2016 as bellow:


This innovation addresses the wastage of power for lighting and increases the lamp life that  other existing Ballasts could not address:
* Success indicators of this DC Supply Ballast innovation:
- It stables the light brightness to make it friendly to user's eyesight than the LEDs. It is much cheaper than LEDs that allows manufacturers of traditional lamps to better compete to LEDs.
- Thus, our Ballast can reduce 50-70% power which had turned into heat energy and idle-energy (futile) so it will increase efficiency for the fluorescent lamps up to 65-70% comparing in using AC50Hz-60Hz and reaching of 190-265 lumens/Watt higher than LEDs of 80-120 lumen/Watt (it allows to save more power up to 50-70% comparing on AC50Hz-60Hz Ballast and 10-35% more than the Electronic Ballast. Especially, it increases upto 2-3 times of the lamp life compared to using AC50Hz-60Hz ballast) 
* Our Innovation overcomes other technicians's failures worldwide by Modulating of 2-5% Level of DC power in aliasing pulse form to create a 'negative differential resistor effect' making the electrons to shot backward after each pulse cycle to offset fill the dark spaces in previous cycle for continuous light, steady and more stable as well as no longer being dark at the cathode side of lamp.
- Production costs of the new DC Supply Ballast will be cheaper or equal to that of Ballast within high net profit about 40-60% for the manufacturing and business.

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